Houses (Uglly)


“We Buy Ugly Houses!” the billboards proclaim, rather puzzlingly.  Why would a house-buyer prefer ugly houses?  The answer is, he does not.  Rather, he is advertising to desperate people who, for one reason or another (foreclosure, mold, other seemingly insoluble problems with their homes), view their own homes as “ugly.”  Typically, when these house-buyers make direct contact with the homeowner, they indicate their interest in a handwritten (usually in red ball-point) letter on yellow lined paper, and typically offer a fraction of the actual value of the house.  But I know some realtors who have been able to sell “ugly” houses, and get full value for them, even in the current stagnant real estate market.

Mold infestation has ruined many a house; but if the mold was caused by moisture intrusion from a defectively performed home improvement, and the statute of limitations has not yet run out (an extremely complicated question to answer in itself!), there may be a way to make the contractor  responsible for the problem he has created.

Often there is a legal answer to the homeowner’s problem.  Foreclosures, for example: They should be fought, with a lawyer, from the very beginning, and the homeowner should admit nothing.  It is only after being locked for several month with the homeowner’s lawyer that the mortgagee begins to consider negotiation.  If the homeowner tries to negotiate at the outset, the mortgagee will only wait out the law suit time limits, eventually taking a default judgment.  And at that point the mortgagee will never negotiate.

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