What My Clients Say

John Gallagher is the finest lawyer I have ever met. He is professional, extremely competent and compassionate. Jack won an accident injury case for me and is currently representing us in an unployment case. The peace of mind that comes with his representation is comforting when going through difficult times. He goes the extra distance and I would recommend him highly.


May 15, 2015

“John Gallagher represented me in a car accident in case in which I was injured and missed work time. I was highly anxious during this time as I was caring for my father with terminal cancer and also caring for my elderly mother. John understood my need for reassurance and for updates. He was excellent at explaining his strategy. John was thorough, dogged in pursuing my needs, and a total rock for me. I have unreservedly recommended him to friends. – Jennifer Burke”


Oct 20, 2014

John has been a sage guide and legal advisor to us in several personal situations. In once instance, Jack helped us to prevent a neighbor dispute from turning into an ugly lawsuit. He even interceded with the police for us on a Sunday when he should have been enjoying his coffee and Sunday morning news. In a separate situation some years ago, Jack aided our Mother when our Father who had survived both stints overseas in World War II and quadruple by-pass surgery,was cut down in his prime by a negligent driver. We depend on Jack for his insight and legal brilliance, knowing that he will always be prompt and professional, in his response. He’s the best! — Eve and Denny West


Oct 08, 2014

I found that John Gallagher went above and beyond my expectations in service for me. He is much appreciated. —Norman DeCindis


Oct 08, 2014

Jack took my case when other attorneys would not. It was a complex case, but he accepted it, fought for me, and together, we were successful in winning. — Marcia E. Epler, P.T., Ph.D.


Oct 07, 2014

Jack Gallagher demonstrates an impressive understanding of the law as well as extraordinary personal integrity. We consider ourselves fortunate to have access to his services. –Tom and Beth Fitzsimons


Oct 03, 2014

I have known Jack for close to 40 years, both as a lawyer and friend. He has always been upstanding and represented me well. — Denise Hauptman


Oct 03, 2014

I was involved in a bad car accident in 2009. The other driver hit me on the driver’s side after running a red light. Jack helped me get the compensation I was due after many months of dealing with injuries and a long recovery. I would definitely recommend Jack Gallagher as a personal injury lawyer. – Lynn from Ardmore, PA


Oct 02, 2014

John Gallagher has represented our family for many years and I have been extremely pleased with the results. — William Chambers


Oct 02, 2014

Jack Gallagher has been my lawyer for 25 years. He is a man of character and integrity. I trust in his great knowledge of the law and he is an excellent litigator. He has always been respectful and considerate regarding delicate matters. Also, Jack has always been easily accessible when I have needed him.


Sep 29, 2014